Senior Product Developer

Senior Product Developer

As a Senior Product Developer, your role is crucial in bridging the gap between Department Heads and other Product Developers. Your primary responsibility is ensuring customer expectations are met or exceeded. You will provide leadership, utilising your technical expertise and customer support skills to contribute to the growth and profitability of the business.

Based in Brisbane, Australia, the company is a wholesale garment manufacturer at the leading edge of the apparel industry with pride in quality and on-time delivery.  Garments are produced from the company’s factories in China, allowing end-to-end control over production scheduling and quality management with the ability to package and label to store level.

The Senior Product Developer will collaborate with talented individuals on Tech Packs, Hand Overs, Purchase Orders, Timelines, Critical Paths, Development Tracking, Samples, Approvals, ex-Factory and Delivery schedules. You will facilitate communication and provide direction to ensure maximum efficiency throughout the product development process.

To excel in this role, you should have a diverse skill set that includes account management, client relationships, costing, and forecasting. Your experience in these areas will enable you to manage and support all product development aspects effectively.

In terms of expertise, you will have a proven track record of progression within the apparel industry, demonstrating technical, interpersonal, and commercial skills. Knowledge of construction and fabrics, including stretch fabrics, is essential. Additionally, prior experience in working with overseas manufacturers and suppliers is highly desirable.

The company welcomes applications from candidates located interstate or overseas. The compensation package will be competitive to attract and retain the best talent and may include relocation assistance if necessary.

Your application will get a quick and confidential response, which shows the value the company places on your interest and candidacy.


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