Footwear Production Coordinator, China

Footwear Production Coordinator

We’re looking for an experienced Footwear Production Coordinator located in China to oversee development and production for multiple footwear styles. You would be responsible for tracking development, material procurement, tooling, production, packaging, and freight.

  • Small, Collectible Footwear Ranges (Sneakers, Boots, Sandals…)
  • Work Remotely
  • Be part of the Viral Revolution!

The Company
Although known for collectible footwear, the company is also a conceptual art brand. Every idea is fair game as long as the team can materialise it.  With backing from major investors in the fashion, art and media worlds, the footwear range is expanding rapidly, with a new style dropped every month.     

You Will

  • Set up detailed project planning and milestone tracking for each footwear style
  • Visit factories to ensure they are on track and oversee quality
  • Source new vendors
  • Receive and ship footwear samples and materials to the New York office

You Have

  • Hands-on experience managing the development and production of footwear in China
  • Fluent English as well as Mandarin
  • The ability to travel to factories and be onsite as needed.
  • A can-do attitude. Problems will arise and we need someone that’s capable of thinking quickly and reacting with solutions

What’s In It For You?
For a Footwear Production Coordinator with the ability to think outside of the box and run with the ideas coming from the creative team, the opportunities for growth are huge!  With the role comes a good compensation package and an opportunity to travel to New York, pandemic permitting, to celebrate the wins with the rest of the team.


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