Group Operations Head

Group Operations Head
The Group Operations Head will spearhead strategy and implementation of best in class technology and best practices across the company.
  • Leading Apparel Manufacturing Group
  • Automation and Innovation, New Designs and New Clients
  • Based in Sri Lanka
Responsible for leading the Operations function for the Apparel Group across Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh and Haiti, you will oversee the long-range planning, development and achievement of Corporate, SBU and Plant functional KPIs across Value Stream Mapping, Planning, Industrial Engineering, Technical & Quality, Skill Development and the Business Continuity Insurance Process.

The Company:
As a leading apparel solutions provider has a vertically integrated supply chain with over 35,000 employees and an expanding global network of manufacturing and operating locations supplying major brands throughout the world. The vision is to be the most sustainable Apparel manufacturer in South Asia.

The Group Operations Head will: 

  • Strategise and deploy the Operations KPIs, budgets and implementation plans across the SBUs, plants and group functional pillars
  • Lead achievement of the Operations functional KPIs (Group / SBU) through rigorous functional reviews, strengthening functional pillars, sharing best practices and challenging the status quo with regular benchmarking with peers
  • Oversee strategic initiatives for the Operations function, including spearheading of Digital Transformation, LRP projects and other initiatives
  • Drive strategic synergies and partnerships with key internal and external stakeholders across the Group
  • Lead and Direct the Operations team across the Group

You will have: 

  • Masters / Bachelors in Engineering, Textile Technology or Operations Management
  • Relevant experience in heading the Operations function spanning multiple customers and plant locations
  • Working knowledge of apparel manufacturing processes, lean techniques, quality management systems and functional best practices.  Some experience in footwear manufacturing would be a bonus!

What’s in it for you?
With automation and innovation, different geographical locations, new clients and challenging designs, the job doesn’t get much bigger and there is a salary package to match!

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