Sample Room Supervisor, China

Sample Room Supervisor

The Sample Room Supervisor will lead the production of active sport and swimwear samples for the major US, Australian and European customers.

  • Active Sport and Swimwear
  • Foreign-Owned Company
  • Large, Busy Sample Room

As the company continues to grow and strengthen its technical department, your role will be to improve the workflow, systems and quality of the sample making process.

Main responsibilities:

  • Lead the improvement of and simplify the sample production and quality management system and process
  • Organize and implement, supervise and inspect the operation of the sample production quality system
  • Supervise and encourage the smooth and timely flow of technical information
  • Follow the quality status of sample garment production, coordinating the communication and cooperation between various departments, and solving any problems in the sample making process
  • Lead and manage basic equipment maintenance and 6S management in the sample room
  • Organise the team and help them keep to the timetable
  • Work with the innovation and R&D departments to promote production process and equipment innovation


  • More than 5 years of experience in a sample production workshop with more than 20 sample makers
  • Proficient in the construction of active sport and swimwear samples, with the ability to give technical guidance to the team
  • Understanding of patterns, with the ability to suggest adjustments
  • Understand the production across a variety of clothing categories
  • Ability to plan the workload and organise, coordinate, and manage a large team

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