Environment & Sustainability Officer, Australian Textiles Company

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Assist in the daily running of the Environmental department, monitoring key environmental indicators and investigate incidents that affect health, such as pollution, spill accidents at work, noise control, toxic contamination, pest infestations, compliance, internal reporting and waste management.

  • Leading Australian textiles manufacturing group
  • Key role in environment and sustainability team
  • Great career opportunity
This Australian owned supplier and textiles company can weave, dye, print, laminate, finish and coat an incredibly wide range of fabrics for a variety of end users.  These include specialised fabrics using high-performance fibres designed for residential, life-preserving and commercial use.
Main Duties of the Environment & Sustainability Officer:
  • Assist in the daily running of the department. Identify and review any potential compliance issues arising from this analysis and deal effectively with these.
  • Ensuring regular site inspections and environmental sampling and analysis is carried out
  • Preparation of environmental reports and tracking department performance against environmental key performances indicators and targets.
  • Assist in maintaining the ISO14001 and BES 6001 standards by effectively monitoring key areas and conducting audits on a regular basis.
  • Maintain an effective administration system, ensuring that all environmental checks are recorded, and records maintained as per environmental system requirements.
  • Supervise contractors and visitors

To be successful, you will need 1-2 years’ experience in a similar role, ideally with a textile company.

If you are interested in this role, please send your details to kate.porter@bwconsulting.biz for a confidential discussion.

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