Head of Technical Design

As the Head of Technical Design, you will lead the Technical Design team, transforming creative visions into exceptional, high-quality, and functional active apparel ranges. Overseeing the entire technical design process, you will ensure best practices and empower your team to deliver innovative and commercially successful clothing lines.

Company Description:

A leading textile and garment manufacturing company renowned for its innovative approach and commitment to sustainability. With a global presence, they integrate advanced technology and sustainable practices throughout the operations, ensuring high-quality standards and environmental responsibility. The innovation and product development centre in Wuxi, China, is a state-of-the-art facility for advancing textile and garment manufacturing. This centre focuses on cutting-edge research, development, and innovation in fabric technology, offering comprehensive solutions from design to production. Leveraging advanced machinery and technology, the Wuxi facility plays a crucial role in the group’s global operations, driving a commitment to sustainability and excellence in the textile industry.


  • Provide technical direction for product development, design, and systems integration from concept to completion, ensuring client satisfaction.
  • Track industry trends and identify opportunities for continuous improvement in quality and efficiency.
  • Conduct risk assessments to mitigate potential issues throughout production, achieving a smooth “PD to shipment” experience.
  • Oversee the entire technical design lifecycle, managing technical risks across all aspects of construction and sewing.
  • Lead fit sessions with designers and product development teams, maximizing productivity and ensuring proper garment fit.
  • Analyze garment samples for fit, specifications, and shape, creating accurate specs and identifying areas for improvement.
  • Design and develop patterns from initial concepts, ensuring consistency with fit principles and material usage for optimal yield.
  • Fit garments on models, recommend corrections to designers, and coordinate with sample makers to resolve any issues.
  • Identify and communicate styling and fit concerns to buyers.
  • Develop and implement standardized grading rules for consistent fit across all apparel lines.
  • Consult and train marketing, design, and product development teams on pattern construction, fit updates, and problem-solving techniques.
  • Create training plans and manuals to empower global patternmaking and product development teams.
  • Continuously explore new methods, systems, and construction techniques to achieve creative pattern goals.
  • Manage sample room capacity and develop efficient sample loading plans.

Skills and Experience:

  • Extensive experience in technical design and patternmaking, specifically in the activewear, sportswear, athleisure wear, and outerwear industries in a leadership/management role.
  • In-depth knowledge of raw materials, manufacturing processes, and textile technology.
  • Strong understanding of garment construction, fabrics, and tech packs.
  • Knowledge of 2D and 3D CAD or PDM software packages (e.g., Gerber, Lectra).
  • Experience leading and managing apparel fitting processes, particularly handling high volumes associated with activewear and sportswear.
  • Fluency in English and Chinese is a plus for effective communication in a globalized industry.

If you are a forward-thinking leader with a strong passion for technical design and innovation in the textile and garment industry, we invite you to apply by submitting your resume and cover letter.


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