Senior Manufacturing Director, Footwear

As the Senior Manufacturing Director, you will be responsible for all aspects of the footwear manufacturing operations, and will develop and optimise the organisational capabilities to match the Company’s growth strategy

  • Multinational Footwear Company
  • Manufacturing Operations and Supply Chain
  • Bangladesh Growth Strategy

This multinational footwear company works with brands and retailers to identify trends, implement solutions and accelerate product development.  There is a strong sustainability mindset,  introducing recyclable materials that meet higher physical properties standards, to product design that solves problems for its users.

The Senior Manufacturing Director’s core responsibilities will be to:

  • Oversee and support Manufacturing Operations and Supply Chain
  • Directly responsible for Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • Set goals and performance objectives for your team and suppliers
  • Source and onboard new suppliers
  • Create and maintain factory profiles and scorecards to track and evaluate factory performance.
  • Work closely with key manufacturers and partners to identify new business opportunities
  • Provide coaching, mentoring, and performance feedback to develop staff
  • Interview, select, and hire qualified individuals for critical roles within the team
  • Prepare and present reports to Executive Committee

The Senior Manufacturing Director needs:

  • Factory management experience
  • Extensive manufacturing/product development experience in footwear at a senior management level
  • Fundamental knowledge of quality systems
  • Experience in responsible and sustainable sourcing

To be considered for this role you should have worked in Bangladesh and must be able to speak Bangla.


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